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Business Opportunities


  • Denver, CO
  • Highlands Ranch / Lone Tree, CO
  • Des Moines,IA
  • Minneapolis,MN
  • Seattle,WA
  • Snohomish County, WA
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Gulf Shores, AL

Licensing FAQ’s Odor Masters USA

 Why become a Licensee not a Franchisee?           

Taking the first steps towards opening your own business is a life-altering and an exciting experience. 

There are many questions to be answered: How do you go about picking a business that is just right for you? How do you market the new business? Do I want the big expense and long ramp-up with a brick and mortar franchise or a modest expense and quick start-up licensing model? The list simply grows from there. Within both systems you have the security of knowing you are never alone. 

If your looking for an opportunity that offers the security of a franchise without the slow start-up, heavy expenses and corporate oversight into your finances - the Odor Masters USA licensing opportunity may be right for you!

Our simple fast track training program always generates business from the first week, and in most cases from the first day! We know everyone hates piles of paperwork to complete at the end of the day, week, month or year – our business model doesn't have it.  

We also do not have any royalty requirements or accounting oversight –  your revenue is 100% your business not ours!

By joining the Odor Masters USA system, you can capitalize on being a part of the first corporate services vendor for in our niche industry. The Odor Masters USA System is on the fast track on a national level. Our highly experienced trainers and staff train to operate the business from sales to service.  Limited protected territories are available now!

What is Odor Masters USA?

Since 1995 we have been the pro-active leader in malodor identification and elimination serving the niche auto dealership and RV markets, as well as residential and numerous types of commercial properties. The service and products are first-rate and a quick alternative to expensive carpet cleaning, painting or another round of detailing. 

What is Odor Masters USA made from?

Only the highest quality certified molecular biodegradable chemicals are used for the Odor Masters USA. The chemicals are non-toxic, non-staining, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-ionic and hypo-allergenic.

How reliable is Odor Masters USA?

Odor Masters USA products & services are guaranteed to work the first time.

Do I need any background experience?

Great question! And NO - the reason Odor Masters USA is the hottest licensing opportunity is due to the low cost entry + short learning curve.

Can I operate the business from my home office?

Absolutely, most start-up Odor Masters USA’s Licensees operate from their home or current office to keep overhead costs down.

Are there any Licensing renewal fees after my initial investment?

NO and unlike many other opportunities, we do not demand a percentage of your profits ever.

Do I get a protected territory to operate in?

All licensing packages can offer a protected territory.

What is the time frame to get started?

ASAP. Once you complete your initial 2 /3 day training at our Denver, CO offices or at your location - you may begin taking in new business right away! Training dates are limited, so it is important to book early.

Do I need to hire employees to operate this business?

NO. This business is so simple, you can operate it yourself. After your business grows, you may consider bringing on some help. 

Will Odor Masters USA/OM USA Offerings, LLC provide me with ongoing support?

Yes, we will. Please refer to your Licensing Kit ( once received) for more details.

How much does the Odor Masters USA service cost my customers?

Pricing will depend on what your market will bear. Most licensees price Odor Masters USA from $85-$125+ per Vehicle. $100-$300 per RV. Homes, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Yachts and Commercial properties are quoted per sq. ft. / malodor issue(s). 

Do I need to stock a lot of inventory?

No, the only inventory you will need are promotional materials and chemicals. 

Is this a short term or long term opportunity?

Odor Masters USA Licensees can be positioned for a long-term opportunity. If you are looking for a 2-10 yr exit, your Protected Territory can be sold for the multiple of your annual business and the Goodwill equity! Odor elimination and odor neutral business vendor services is a billion dollar market - you don’t want to be left behind!    


Licensing Business Opportunity

We have a proven home-based opportunity - since 1995. 1st time offered - August 2014! Learn how to make amazing income in a few hours every day with a direct customer market stream that will never end! 

At Odor Masters USA we perform fast odor neutralization services, NOT CLEANING, NOT DETAILING, NOT OZONE.

Direct to auto / truck / RV dealerships, homeowners, vacation rentals and commercial properties looking for an odor maintenance program or a one-time quick and guaranteed fix. Business grows with every job - "full stride" happens fast as this is a referral dream! At your location TRAINING. We LOVE this business and so will you! Not a franchise - NO royalties or accounting oversight! Fill out our Business Opportunity Form today!



:I was very, very skeptical at first. I didn't see how it could be done. I have never had experience, nor knew of anyone who has ever had this or any type of odor problem. Nevermind a result. First - the cigarette smell was so bad, I almost didn't buy the house in the first place. After researching, I checked with Odor Masters - verified their offer, checked their Testimonials and felt confident. I don't regret it. 1 treatment, excellent service, very very nice people to work with as well. I was blown away at the results. Again, if it didn't work - you don't pay. Plus they would keep coming back, to make sure it's gone. Don't hesitate - it's worth every penny! Thanks again for the service and a confident business model!"

 R. Murray

"I could not believe how it removed the smell. I was so amazed I got down on the floor and smelled the carpet and all the smells were gone. Over the years flipping RVs I have always had to battle with bad smelling problems, NO MORE - Odor Masters USA will treat all my tobacco, commode and pet odor inventory from now on."

A. Egloff 

"We had a cat making his territory in our house and tried for a year to get the smell out but nothing worked. He came over and showed us three markings with a black light and said he could fix it. The next day it was like walking into a new house. I couldn't remember it smelling so good! Thanks!"

L. Pristo

"We first found Odor Masters USA through Google after we had numerous spills in our Land Rover from the children we drive to and from school. We were thrilled to find a Groupon at 40% off and learn they could service our car at my office. Their service pro explained the whole process and was finished in less than an hour – AMAZING RESULTS. We are scheduling their services for our home next! Great find."

T. Finklea

"I spilled raw fish in the back of my SUV( it is 88 degrees out side) I did what I thought would clean it with no luck and then considered a detail job. Instead I went with Jim from Odor masters in Stillwater MN. I am so very please with his work. I can smell no fish. My car looks great because he treated the leather seats and the carpets! I few like I have a new car again! His schedule is very busy but he got me in as soon as he could. Best money that I have ever spent! Thank you soooooooo much Jim!!!!"